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Cross lapping wood pulp spunlace with classical creped pattern---D-TEX NONWOVENS

Cross lapping wood pulp spunlace nonwoven is a very popular material applied to industrial cleaning. It carries good absorption of liquid, and excellent vertical and horizontal tension. 

We always choose the best fiber materials: wood pulp imported from Canada, and polyester material from Sinopec. The so-called cross lapping is the laying method of the polyester layer in the production process of the wood pulp spunlace non-woven fabric. After combing the polyester fibers evenly, they are arranged vertically and horizontally for many times to form a cross-laid web. Combined with liquid wood pulp by spunlace process.

The latest cross-laying production line of D-TEX Nonwovens can reach an workable width of 320cm. The core part such as carding, laying and online monitoring, etc. are all imported equipment from Italy.

spunlace process.png 

Composition: 55% wood pulp 45% polyester

Width: 320cm

Surface: Creped (D-1027)

Basic weight: 45gsm~100gsm

Color: Turquoise


The cross lapping wood pulp spunlace non-woven fabric surface is uniform and compact. The longitudinal tension and transverse tension are close to 1:1. Good strength and durability make this material a very good fit. It can be processed into perforated rolls or sheets packing industrial wipes, automatic blanket wash cloth for large printing machine, car maintenance wipes, etc.

wood pulp spunlace nonwoven.jpg

Idea for:

Industrial cleaning wipes, Printing wipes, Car polishing towel, Aerospace cleaning wipes, Electronic industry wipes, General cleaning wipes, Daily surface cleaning wipes, workshop dry wipes, etc.